Kansas’ Political Playground

On the heels of the Kansas Supreme Court’s ruling on funding for public education, Salina area Representative J.R. Claeys,(R) joined in on the KSAL Morning News Friday with his reaction.

Claeys expressed his concern with the high court’s ruling he says will take the state back to an antiquated funding formula, “They want the old formula developed in 1992 by Democrats,” he said.

“They want a system that you just blindly plug money into. You write that blank check – you dump dollars in, there’s zero accountability and you walk away.”

On Thursday the Kansas Supreme Court tasked lawmakers with writing new guidelines to distribute over $4 billion dollars  in aid to public schools by June 30th.

Without the revision in place the high court has threatened to shut the state’s schools down.

The court struck down the block grants saying it left poor districts with as much as $54 million short.

Representative Claeys says the temporary block grants that were approved in 2015 were working and giving lawmakers time to work on a permanent solution.

Claeys warned that going back to the 1992 design is a top-heavy mistake.

“In the old formula that we had before is exponential growth in administration, administrative bloat,” he said.