Kansas Leaders React To State Of The Union

Kansas officials are reacting to President Donald Trump’s annual State of the Union Address.

Senator Pat Roberts noted that he was pleased to hear the President mention the importance of trade, but Roberts expressed concerns about the value and practice of tariffs.

Senator Jerry Moran noted that the President is right in focusing on rebuilding crumbling infrastructure. Moran added that he shares Trump’s goal of better border security, but he was pleased that the President did not declare a national emergency at the border.

First District Congressman Dr. Roger Marshall noted there are endless opportunities for success, and Trump made it clear that his vision for success is only possible when both parties come to the table.

Roberts statement: “As we proved on the Agriculture Committees with the passage of our Farm Bill, the Congress and the President can come together and govern. I echo the President’s calls for comity and compromise. In order to put an end to the brinkmanship and obstruction, we must all have a desire to meet the challenges facing our nation rather than pursuing a partisan agenda. I was pleased to hear the President recognize the importance of trade, but I continue to have concerns about the value and practice of tariffs, especially when our agriculture exports end up in the retaliatory crosshairs. I will be closely following further news from Ambassador Lighthizer as talks with China go forward.”

Moran statement: “The State of the Union is a longstanding tradition that allows the President of the United States to lay out his or her agenda in front of Congress and the American people. Tonight, I was pleased to hear the president discuss several issues important to Kansans and sensible measures Congress can and should work together on to accomplish in the upcoming year. President Trump is right to focus on rebuilding our nation’s crumbling infrastructure – an issue that can garner broad support from Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate – which ought to include a plan to expand broadband in rural areas. I was also pleased to hear the president’s commitment to work with Congress to ratify the USMCA and expand trade for Kansas farmers and ranchers, expediently implement the VA MISSION Act to help provide our veterans with accessible healthcare, lower the rising cost of healthcare and prescription medication, and aggressively fight cancer and deadly diseases. Additionally, I share the president’s goal of better securing our borders and I was pleased he did not declare a national emergency at our border, instead opting to allow Congress to continue our work and negotiate a solution. Tonight, President Trump’s message regarding his hope for bipartisan policy achievements was an important step in the right direction, and I am committed to working with my colleagues and the administration on delivering positive results for Kansans and for the American people.”

Marshall statement: “Since elected, this Administration has been focused on lifting regulatory and tax burdens, unleashing our economy, and most importantly keeping our country safe. I am hopeful that we can take President Trump’s call for unity and begin to work closer with each other understanding that we have one goal, a better America. We must secure our border; we must address this national crisis and work together on finding a solution by the February 15th deadline. I am standing with the President, and we must secure our border by building the wall. Walls work, and I hope that the Democrats will come to the negotiating table to find a solution to the crisis on our southern border. Kansans share the President’s vision of a more secure and safe America. We must drive the cost of health care down, and to do that we need to focus on transparency. As a physician, I want to lead the charge for all people to have meaningful access to health care. Of course, that includes people with pre-existing conditions, but we shouldn’t stop there we must also help the millions of people who have been failed by our current system. I am excited to work with the president on this priority. President Trump also called on Congress to prohibit late-term abortions. The recent New York law that legalizes these late-term abortions demonstrates a complete disregard for life and medical standards that should be strongly condemned by all Americans. I will do everything within my power to combat this poison from spreading and protecting the unborn.”