VIDEO: Kansas Farmer Has Parody Hit

A southeast Kansas farmer whose video parody “What Does the Farmer Say” went viral last month has a new hit with his take on a Miley Cyrus song that features twerking cows.

Derek Klingenberg’s spoof of “What Does the Fox Say?” got more than 4 million views online. The Peabody resident’s new video dubbed “Feeding Cattle in the USA” — a parody of the Cyrus hit, “Party in the USA” — also is gaining traction, with nearly 11,000 views by Friday morning.

The video features the overall-wearing farmer singing into an ear of corn and doing light tricks with his iPhone. It also includes cows doing their own version of the provocative dance move called “twerking.”

Klingenberg majored in agriculture at Kansas State University.


Associated Press information from: The Kansas City Star