Area Legislators Condemn Capitol Events

Legislators in Washington DC who represent the Salina area and Central Kansas are responding, and admonishing the protestors who entered the U.S. Capitol.

It started around 2 pm local time after thousands of supporters of President Trump stormed Congress during the vote to certify the 2020 election. Shots were fired and tear gas was used inside the Capitol.

Images show protesters inside both chambers, smashing glass and waving flags. Capitol police were seen with their guns drawn as protesters tried to break through doors of the historic and revered building.

Here are the responses from Central Kansas representatives:

Senator Jerry Moran – “I condemn the violence and destruction at the U.S. Capitol in the strongest possible terms. It is completely unacceptable and unpatriotic,” said Sen. Jerry Moran. “God Bless the @CapitolPolice & our law enforcement officers. Please pray for our nation.”

Senator Roger Marshall – “The freedom of speech and the freedom to protest are provided in our Constitution. I share the frustration many Americans have over the Presidential Election; however, what happened at the U.S. Capitol today is unreasonable and unacceptable and I condemn it at the highest level. America needs to know we will not be deterred by violence. I am thankful for the heroic law enforcement officers who are working feverishly to restore order.”

First District Representative Tracey Mann – “I am a believer in the First Amendment and the right to peacefully protest. The violence at the Capitol now is unacceptable. My staff and I are safe. Thank you to all law enforcement working to keep the situation contained. Praying for our country.”

Saline County Republican Party – “The Saline County Republican Party deplores and denounces the actions of those who broke into our nation’s Capitol.  We believe in the rule of law and we support free and fair elections and the peaceful transfer of power.”

Kansas House 71st District Representative Steven Howe – “I strongly condemn the storming of our U.S. Capitol building and the use of violence. As a lifelong Republican who used to work on Capitol Hill, it is appalling to me what is happening today.”