Kansans Hitting the Road

Data released this week shows U.S. driving is up 3.3 percent for the first six months of 2016.

Travel on the state highway system in Kansas is even higher at 3.6 percent over where it was one year ago. Traveling through Kansas has been rising steadily the past few years, setting records in 2014 with 30.71 billion and 2015 with 31.38 billion miles driven.

“Fuel prices are lower than they were a year ago and the overall economy is good, both reasons that encourage travel,” said KDOT Planning Assistant Bureau Chief Alan Spicer. “Kansas has benefited being in the middle of the country and having increased national travel from both passenger and freight vehicles.”

The increase in travel over the past few years comes as the country has climbed out of a recession.

“I believe the long-term trend is upward,” Spicer said. “Travel, both nationally and through Kansas, will continue to rise in the next few years. The population is still growing, and we have more people on our roads than ever before. Even with economic and lifestyle changes, the long-term trend is still upward.”