K9 Always Ready for Hide and Seek

The Saline County Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol and Rescue Squad can go where no vehicle can tread – with Bloodhounds and horses to lead the way.

Wade Waddle with the Mounted Patrol joined in on the KSAL Morning News Extra with a look at raising and training a pair of Bloodhounds to help find people. Waddle says the experience with Marshal and Leroy is a little like the Tom Hanks’ movie Turner & Hooch when it comes to slobber and roughhousing with two big dogs.

But play time ends when someone is lost or hiding, and his Bloodhound starts the job by smelling an item from that person to follow the scent.


According to Waddle, K9 Marshal is a 2-year-old Bloodhound that is certified in scent-specific mantrailing for both urban and wilderness environments. Marshal is able to search for lost persons and when necessary assist law enforcement in in criminal investigations in Saline County and the region.

Waddle adds the Saline County Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol and Rescue Squad is a non-profit organization and depends on fundraising efforts to stay active for the citizens of Saline County.



Learn more online https://www.salinecountyks.gov/divisions or head to Mounted Patrol’s Facebook page.