Egg-Citement at K-State Salina

K-State Salina had a successful turnout for its Easter Purple Egg Hunt this Saturday Morning. The event took place at the campus’s Student Life Center, located on 2320 Centennial Road, where it featured more than 3,000 purple eggs filled with treats. 

There were three hunts separated by age, with one egg in each age range containing a golden ticket for a special prize.

Alyssa Wendel, K State Director of Student Affairs, helps oversee campus activities and co curricular activities, as well as residential life. She  helped organize and curate the activities at the event.

Wendel told KSAL News she finds it to be one of her favorite events she helps the school put on. “I think this has to be one of my favorite events. I’ve always enjoyed Easter, I have kids myself,  and seeing them having fun and participating in the activities is a joy to me,” she said.

According to Wendel, the event is aimed at helping keep relevance with the Salina community as well as keeping in touch with the former students and alumni. Although it’s one of the many easter hunts that happen every year, what sets K-State apart is its many student centered activities and programs. 

“K State sometimes gets forgotten about by the Salina community, we’re always trying to find ways to stay relevant. We offer the Candy Canes and Airplanes event in December, and of course the Easter Purple Egg Hunt, which will be in its third year. It’s a great turn out and we have continued to adapt because it’s changing and growing a lot more. We have a pilots for kids program which is here at the event to make an impact on the younger generation that comes through hoping to give insight to new potential students as to what we offer here at K-State.” says Wendel. 

Children had the opportunity to take a photo with the K-State Salina Bunny, as well as participate in several options of games in the gymnasium. Helping assist in the event was K-State’s Alpha Eta Rho Student fraternity, providing all of the donuts and juice for everyone at the event. 

“We have a lot of alumni connections in the community, and plenty of families that have come back to this event because they went to school here, so we really hope to cater to those who feel like K-State has been something to return to as well as growing our influence with newer generations.” Says Wendel. 

The school is looking forward to a larger turnout with the Salina community next Easter.