Big Turnout at K-State Open House

There was a big turnout at the K-State Salina Open House.  The event offered several opportunities for students to get themselves involved in various activities that would entice them in enrolling into K-State.

K-State’s goal was to reach out to students so they could have hands on opportunities within each department that they may be interested in. Along with parent student engagement in the enrollment process. 

According to Lindsey Shupe student success coordinator, “We had an amazing turnout with excited students, from a student with an inquiry who is curious about K-State to a student who has signed enrollment and a housing contract. This opportunity is a decision maker for potential students to see if K-State is right for them.”

The first all-university Open House was held in 1969 and has since become one of the most popular traditions at K-State. Over 20,000 people flock to K-State’s annual carnival of academic exhibits, entertainment, food, and fun every year. Some of these programs included interactions with on campus clubs and organizations, a carnival hosted by their fraternity Alpha Eta Rho, handouts and information on employment opportunities and a lunch to engage with the division of academic success in the student affairs team. 

For those interested in more hands-on activities they offered aircraft maintenance, robotics, engineering, aircraft simulators, hand riveting and electrical wiring. 

“We also held a students panel where new students can engage with older students on how their experience was at K-State Salina. With a campus tour, Students could see dorms and student life centers, along with their area of focus across campus.” Shupe said. “We even supplied some gift certificates for Salina Downtown to show what Salina has to offer outside of campus.”

Jessica Johnson, who is the director of admissions for K-State Salina, worked heavily on student, parent engagement with the school. Opening discussions on whether or not K-State was right for them. “From our lens we wanted to build the parent family engagement. We wanted to use that opportunity to show all the student life activities that we have on campus and academic opportunities.” Johnson said. “We gave a variety of options from post college life, employment opportunities, clubs and organizations encompassing the whole scope of what student life is here at K State Salina.”

Although a successful turnout, K-State is looking for more students to join in enrollment next year. Shupe says, “It will be exciting for these students that start in the fall to see them back on campus for this event helping recruit others into the school next year.”