K-9 Helps Game Warden Catch Crook

A K-9 from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and her game warden partner helped nab a fugitive who was hiding at a Kansas lake.

According to the agency, back on October 8th, K-9 Ruby and K-9 Handler Chris Stout were contacted by the Wellington Police Department requesting their assistance in tracking/locating a person that ran from one of their Officer’s at Wellington City Lake due to an outstanding felony warrant. The suspect was last seen running into a wooded area at the lake.

Upon arrival at the scene, the K-9 team/duo started their track where the suspect was last seen. K-9 Ruby immediately picked up the track and the K-9 duo ran through deep mud following the track. The track then turned into waist high Bind Weed and other vegetation, which made it very difficult for K-9 Ruby to pull the leash.

After several attempts to get through the heavy vegetation, K-9 Ruby’s lead was removed, and K-9 Ruby again put her nose down and led the K-9 duo deeper into the brush, which turned into saplings that were about 10 feet high.

K-9 Ruby took K-9 Handler Stout right to the suspect who was face down in mud under dense brush. K-9 Ruby stood on top of suspect and started licking him, as K-9 Handler Stout made his way through the dense vegetation.

The K-9 duo was alone at the time and K-9 Handler Stout ordered the suspect to “show his hands”. The suspect was complaint and the K-9 duo handcuffed him behind his back.

K-9 Handler Stout helped the suspect to his feet and walked him back to the start of the track, where they were met by 4+ Officers that took possession of the suspect.

The suspect was booked into the Sumner County Jail and after K-9 Ruby was rewarded for her work she took a dip in the lake.