Juveniles Accused of Starting Fires

The Assaria fire department responded to a call about two trash can fires that were allegedly set in Assaria City Park by two juveniles Tuesday evening.

According to Sheriff Roger Soldan, Tuesday around 5:10pm the Assaria city clerk received a phone call about a trashcan fire from a citizen at the city park. The City Clerk called the Assaria City Fire Department who responded to the scene to put out the fire. 

Upon extinguishing the blaze, officials discovered another trash can on fire located inside the concession stand that looked like it had been dragged inside of it. The fire had melted the trash can causing $150 of damage, but no damage to the concession stand.

Witnesses claimed they saw 2 kids running from the scene. Officials tracked down the two kids who were at the ages of 10 and 13-years-old. The two were both questioned and charged with arson.