A “Joyfull Noise” in the Mall

A new playground is open inside the Salina Central Mall. The Joyful Noise Playhouse is a new establishment founded by Melissa Burrows who also runs a new music school located in the mall. Just across from Carlos O’Kellys, the new playground offers both mall goers and parents looking to find a place for children to play as they rest nearby or catch up on some needed work. 

“This playground is an expansion of the music school that me and my husband both started across the hall.” Says founder Melissa Burrows. “We wanted to provide a place for families to play and spend time with each other. After teaching music to families for years I noticed lots of new mothers that needed a place to spend more time with their children in public. So we opened a playground that was inspired by various children’s museums that my kids enjoyed going to.”

The Playground consists of various club houses sporting the names of sponsors that have helped contribute to the establishment. Each house is themed off of the chosen sponsor including a Chick Fil A restaurant and a Farm Bureau themed barn.

The front of the playground holds an area for parents to sit and watch or get in and play with the children.It also includes a charging counter to set up your laptop to catch up on work or charge your phone. Right on the eyesight of your children. 

“The idea started years ago, and we finally got it open in a week before last Christmas. Says Burrows. “This ribbon cutting was our way of finally making it known on a wider scale that this exists. We have lots of families that come in for music lessons so while the rest of the family waits they can spend time at the playground which allows them to spend better quality time with each other.”

Along with many activities the space is also equipped to be rented out for hosting events and birthday parties. A year long membership and 3 month 10% subscription discount will be available from now till this Saturday.