Johnson Launches “The Key to My Heart” Partnership

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NORFOLK, Va. – Former Kansas State and current Oklahoma City Thunder player Keyontae Johnson has launched a new nonprofit organization, “The Key to My Heart,” in collaboration with Heartfelt Cardiac Connections dedicated to saving lives through critical cardiac initiatives.

The official press release (also attached as a PDF to this email) can be found below:

Today marks a momentous occasion as we proudly unveil “The Key to My Heart,” a newly established nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives through critical cardiac initiatives. In collaboration with Heartfelt Cardiac Connections, “The Key to My Heart” is thrilled to announce its inaugural donation – an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) – to Oak Hill Academy, the very institution from which our founder, Keyontae Johnson, graduated.

This life-saving AED will forever be a testament to survival, perseverance, and our commitment to save lives.

The journey of “The Key to My Heart” began when Johnson, a celebrated college athlete and now NBA player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, experienced a life-altering moment in 2020. Struck by a cardiac incident, Keyontae’s life was saved by the timely use of an AED.

Fueled by this momentous experience, Johnson felt a calling to give back. With this nonprofit and partnership with Heartfelt Cardiac Connections, we aim to empower communities, schools, and organizations with the resources they need to save lives. The AED being donated to Oak Hill Academy stands as a symbol of hope and resilience, reinforcing the commitment of “The Key to My Heart” and Heartfelt Cardiac Connections to prioritize the safety and well-being of our communities.

About “The Key to My Heart“: “The Key to My Heart” is a newly established nonprofit organization founded by NBA player, Keyontae Johnson. The organization aims to improve cardiac health and emergency preparedness by providing communities with access to life-saving AEDs and cardiac screenings to save lives through early detection.


About Heartfelt Cardiac Connections: Heartfelt is a leading organization specializing in cardiac screenings and the distribution of AEDs. Heartfelt has screened over 55,000 individuals and has saved over 1,000. Early this year, Heartfelt and Keyontae Johnson saved an 11-year-old gymnast at a heart screening sponsored by Johnson. This is just the beginning.