Jail Wish Granted

A Salina man gets his wish to return to jail after his release early Thursday morning.

“This was a very determined inmate, to go back to jail,” said Saline County Undersheriff Roger Soldan after deputies tried to release 33-year-old Cody Lott.

According to Soldan, Lott was being held on a charge of trespassing at the Salina Rescue Mission on Wednesday and was apparently trying to rack up additional charges to lengthen his stay.

Around dinner time at 6:15pm, deputies say Lott ran from a holding cell and attempted to throw a computer monitor on the floor, but the cord suspended the screen before it could hit the ground.

No damage, no charge.

Lott was then released from the jail at 2am this morning.

Moments later he was booked back in – for throwing a candy vending machine on the lobby floor smashing the glass.

Lott is now facing a new charge of criminal damage to property.

The candy machine is valued at $175.