Jail Project Remains on Schedule

The Saline County Jail project remains on schedule. The construction project has been smooth, however fully staffing the new facility is becoming a concern.

According to Saline County, in construction projects these days one of the most exciting times is when electrical equipment gets delivered. Some electrical switch gear is now up to a two-year lead time, so they are thrilled to report that the main switch gear for the new jail and sheriff’s office has arrived. That is allowing the project to remain on schedule , and in fact, discussions at project team meetings now revolve around the schedules for final punchlist, public viewings, and furniture delivery

One of the critical needs for opening the building remains staffing. The County is currently seeking more than 30 Correctional Officer candidates, and the County Commission has approved boosting starting wages for these positions.

If you know someone who would be a good candidate for us, please encourage them to apply.

As progress continues on the building over the next several months, officials will begin to announce events for this fall during which the public can tour the jail in advance of inmate occupancy.