It’s the Dumb Stuff

I am not a relationship or wedding authority by any stretch of the imagination. I have been in a relationship now for three years with my incredibly handsome boyfriend Garrett, and I know what is making this ship stay afloat. That’s all. All I know is that when I wake up and I go to bed, I love him and I’m pretty close to positive that he still loves me. I think the stuff that keeps us working is the little stuff. It’s the dumb stuff that puts a smile on my face. So, I’m sure the question comes: what kind of dumb stuff ?

  1. Helping out around the house without being prompted. We live with a roommate who still doesn’t quite understand that it isn’t fairy dust and house elves that clean kitchens, and let me tell you, when I come home from work and I see that Garrett has gone through the work of cleaning the kitchen, it nearly moves me to tears. It’s him putting in that little bit of extra work so I don’t have to. I appreciate that more than I can tell you.
  2. Literally just listening. Garrett and I talk A LOT. We eat our meals together and there’s never a day where we just stare at our phones. Normally it’s not the “how was your day?”. No, we’re more like “If you taught a class, what would you teach?” and other weird stuff. We keep each other on our toes. Imagine that.
  3. We don’t hold grudges. Of course, we fight and yell sometimes, but we get it all out in one blow and don’t let an argument from the day before or the hour before carry past that moment. Honestly, it’s just too much work to stay angry. Have you ever held a grudge before? That crap is exhausting!
  4. We let each other know how much we love each other. Sometimes, it’s through social media. Sometimes, we say it to each other’s faces. But at the end of everyday, we make sure the other one is taken care of. We laugh. We hug. Because we do the little stuff, it makes a big difference.

I know that it’s not rocket science. It’s love, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. I like when things are simple and stupid. I’m pretty sure that’s why I have a boyfriend to keep it simple and stupid.