It’s All In The Family

A mother and daughter got into multiple altercations which resulted in a trip to the E.R and a trip to jail for one of them.

Salina Police Captain Gary Hanus told KSAL News officers were sent to the 300 block of W. Republic Wednesday night at 11:54.

The two females were allegedly on their way home in a vehicle when the argument started. The victim stopped the vehicle and got out to check on the suspect who had tried to jump out of the vehicle. At that point, the suspect attacked her mother, during the altercation the 40-year-old mother was choked. The victim got back into the vehicle and drove to the residence on Republic.

The suspect walked to the residence and there was another altercation. A 19-year-old male family member tried to intervene but quickly became a victim also. At this point, the police were called and after an investigation, police took 20-year-old Shakeila M. Wallace into custody.

Both original parties were transported to the Salina Regional Hospital Emergency Room for minor injuries. While at the hospital, Shakelia Wallace attempted to leave but an officer pursued. There was a minor altercation and the officer was struck.

Ms. Wallace is being charged with Aggravated Domestic Battery, Domestic Battery, Criminal Threat, Felony Interference and Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer.