Injury Accidents on Broadway

Two injury accidents on Broadway during a stretch of twenty minutes kept Salina Police busy on Wednesday evening.

Authorities report Derak Holm, 32 of McPherson suffered minor injuries after being hit as he crossed the street in the 600 block of S. Broadway near Jim’s Chicken.

Police say a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse driven by 16-year-old Michael Nece of Salina bumped Holm down to the street causing scratches to his left shin and foot. Holm was transported to the hospital for evaluation.


Nineteen minutes later at 4:57pm, officers were called to the intersection of Broadway and Crawford after a car struck a bicycle.

Police report 26-year-old Brandon Pengra of Salina attempted to ride across Broadway just after the light turned green to allow southbound traffic to proceed.

Pengra was struck by a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo driven by Tim McBurney of Salina.

Pengra was taken to the hospital complaining of leg pain.