Injured Deputy Recovering

An Ellsworth County Sheriff Deputy who was injured by a buffalo is out of the hospital and is at home recovering.

The agency tells KSAL News, deputy Jerry Slaight, who was seriously injured by a bison on August 7th, was discharged from Salina Regional Health Center and is home recovering from the attack.

Deputy Slaight said that he located the bison just south K-4 highway, and when he got out of his vehicle to look for a pasture gate, the bison had not seen him yet.  Slaight said that when the bison did see him, he charged him so fast he was unable to retreat to his patrol car in time.  The bison hit Deputy Slaight in the chest knocking him to the ground.  Slaight was able to get to his feet and the bison charged him a second time, goring him in the left thigh while tossing him 10 to 12 feet into the air.

A Rice County Deputy arrived at the scene of the attack just as it occurred and the buffalo was put down when it appeared that it was preparing to charge at the down deputy.