Indie Folk-Rockers Coming to Salina

A band known for its indie folk-rock sound is coming to Salina. The Mountain Goats are coming to the Stiefel Theatre.

The Mountain Goats were formed by singer-songwriter John Darnielle, who for for many years was the sole member despite the plural moniker. He remains the core member of the band, but now works with a variety of collaborators.

Throughout the 1990s, the Mountain Goats were known for producing low-fidelity home recordings, most notably on a cassette deck  boombox) and releasing recordings in cassette or vinyl formats. Since 2002, the Mountain Goats have adopted a more polished approach, recording studio albums with a full band.

The Mountain Goats now boast a catalogue of over 20 albums.

The Mountain Goats will perform at the Stiefel Theatre in Salina on Friday, April 19th. Tickets go on sale this Friday.