How Stupid does she think we are?

When Hillary Clinton was challenged about her comment made public by Wiki-Leaks, “You need to have a private policy and a public policy,” her response was jaw-dropping.  She claimed she was thinking about President Abraham Lincoln.  How stupid does she think we are?

The first thing to note about this is her lack of denial that she had, in fact, made the comment.  This means that she is admitting it is true that this is something she said.

So, here is what I think we have to choose from:

  1. Hillary honestly believes that Lincoln had two separate policies.  One of those policies was to get the slaves freed and the other was not.  That he really wanted the slaves freed and was able to accomplish this by telling some legislators in private that this was not what he was trying to do.
  2. At one of those meetings with Wall Street big wigs she was asked why are you telling us this in private when you are saying something totally different in public.

Which do you think it is?

When you have to resort to what amounts to throwing Honest Abe under the bus, what won’t you do?