How Did We Get Here?

The rigged system, of course. But some rigging is necessary, isn’t it. That’s how the system works. But it doesn’t seem to work if the final two candidates are some of the most disrespected in presidential campaign history. It is time to look at how we select our candidates.

When I was in debate back in high school our topic was…Resolved: That the United States should significantly change the method of selecting presidential and vice-presidential candidates. As I recall from 1974, the system seemed to be broken then. It was much easier to come up with better ideas than to defend the system as it was then. Things have not gotten any better.
There’s nothing in the constitution how the party’s should select their candidate. The party can rig the system any way they want. The Democrats rigged it for Hillary, that was their choice. The Republicans rigged it for chaos, that was their choice.

And we are left with a choice that many find unacceptable. Let’s start the debate on the process, then maybe we can rig the system so we can vote “for” somebody, not just “against” somebody. I’d like to be marching with someone, not running away from someone else.