House Damaged by Fire

Quick action by a homeowner and her neighbor quells a fire at a home north of Salina.

Firefighters from RFD #7 were sent to a residence in the 5100 block on North Old 81-Highway after flames were seen on the exterior of the house.

Deputies with the Saline County Sheriff’s Office report that Deborah Jackson was inside her home and heard a popping sound around 11:30am. She investigated and saw flames on an exterior wall near the electrical panel.

She told authorities she remembered not to use water on an electrical fire and doused the flames with a fire extinguisher. A neighbor joined in the effort to help the fire from spreading.

Fire crews used a thermal imager to insure the structure was showing no more hot spots before they left. There were no injuries.

Damage is estimated at $1,000.

The incident may link back to an electrical surge from a DSO crew that was working in the area.