Hospital Modifies Visitor Guidelines For COVID-19

Visitor restrictions are being eased at the hospital in Salina.

According to Salina Regional Health Center, they are modifying their COVID-19 visitor restrictions due to improving COVID-19 infection numbers in the community.

Effective Friday, March 5, inpatients may have one visitor per day instead of one designated visitor for the duration of a patient’s hospital stay. Emergency Department patients also will be allowed one visitor to accompany them for their care. No visitors had been allowed in the Emergency Department since November.

“These changes give families more flexibility and allows them to alternate visitors each day during a patient’s stay in the hospital,” said Bethanie McDowell, infection prevention director at Salina Regional Health Center. “It also allows family members and loved ones to be more directly involved in patient care in the Emergency Department.”

  • All other COVID-19 guidelines will remain in place:
  • All who enter the facility will be screened for COVID-19 infection risk.
  • Visitors will be given a Visitor Identification Bracelet, which will be replaced daily.
  • Visitors must be age 18 or older.
  • All who visit will be asked to wear a mask throughout the visit including in hallways, public areas
    and the patient’s room.
  • Visitors should remain in the patient’s room as much as possible.
  • Patients who are COVID-19 positive, or who are being tested COVID-19, will not be allowed
    to have visitors.