Horsin’ Around at Equifest

The Tony’s Pizza Event Center is hosting the 27th Annual Equifest of Kansas through Sunday.

Equifest is known to be Kansas’ largest horse event, showcasing all-breed horses along with a fairs and expositions.

The Salina County Commission, along with many sponsors, have helped in contributing to Equifest. One highlighted sponsor is Land Pride.

Land Pride is a manufacturing company that has supported horsemen with their products. Products like tractors has helped horsemen with feeding the horses, cleaning out stalls, pins and even the arenas for showings.

Mark Johnson of Land Pride explains how he wants to continue supporting Equifest. “Many of the people that come to this event are also people that use our products, even the horsemen being our customers.”

A large crowd surged Thursday night’s event titled, “Celebrate Equifest World of Horses.” This event featured firework popp.ers, live music, lights and more. Horse dancers such as Jerry Diaz, Nicolas Diaz, Staci Diaz, Guy McLean, Caleb Martin, Ruben Little Head, Gary S. Pratt, Noella Red Hawk, Shane Red Hawk, Tashina Red Hawk and Patrick Sullivan were showcased

“What a horse needs is a leader in their life,” says Horseman Guy McLean. McLean is a horse rider, carer and dancer from Australia and has had a love for horses since 15 years old (49 years now). McLean says horses are the “most wonderful animal”, because they can sense if someone is giving their best to take care after them, no matter the skill.

McLean is a man of God who says that you can “connect closer to God”, whenever you take care of horses

“Be safe with them (horses), do not hurt them or yourself and have fun”, is something McLean says his late father always told him to do when it comes to horsemanship.

Justine Staten, Executive Director of the Kansas Horse Council and event the manager of Equifest helped with setting up the overall event along with others.

“You do not have to be an expert and or be super knowledgeable about horses. If you have an interest or love for horses, this is the place for you,” says Staten.

Aling with the displays and demonstrations, Equifest has gift shops, petting areas, accessories, food trucks, apparel shops and more.

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For more information go to https://www.equifestofks.com/