Horizons Grants Awarded

The Salina Arts & Humanities Foundation has approved $34,270 in Horizons Grants for local artists and cultural organizations.

According to Salina Arts and Humanities, the grants were juried and scored by professional panelists with expertise in the granting areas.

Horizons Grants support initiatives demonstrating a commitment to artistic excellence and community involvement by engaging audience members as active participants. Applicants also are encouraged to develop strategic partnerships to strengthen the reach of their local activities.


Lana Jordan Developing Artist grants funded for 2023 are:

  • Kristen Bush, $3,000 for “The Game Camera.”  Kristen “Kiki” Bush received support to produce a rural Kansas narrative short film. Bush will co-write and will star in the production. The film will spotlight Kansas actors, be directed by a Kansas director, feature music composed by a Kansas musician, and be shot in Saline County. The story focuses on a grieving Kansas widow who installs a game camera in her mini-horse corral and is forced to reconsider her husband’s death when an image of human legs appears on the camera.
  •  Karla Prickett, $3,000 for “Teaching Artist Residency.” Karla Prickett received support for a one-week residency with Art Yard Brooklyn’s Advanced Studio Program, Summer Session 2023. The one-week residency is the “next step” in expanding upon a year-and-a-half participatory experience as an invited artist.
  • Louis Magee, $2,270 for “Audio & Video Production Computer.”  Louis Magee received support to purchase a new desktop computer tailored for professional audio and video production. In addition, he also plans to host a three-day workshop for community members to facilitate a hands-on introduction to the field of professional audio work.

 Organizational Project grants funded for 2023 are:

  • Salina Art Center, $6,000 for “Summer 2023 Exhibition and Guest Curator Case Study.” The Salina Art Center received support to develop a structure for curating art exhibitions through guest curators and traveling exhibitions emphasizing diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion. The model focuses on exceptional programming connected to a schedule of contemporary visual art exhibitions of work by regional, national, and international artists and filmmakers in a wide variety of media.
  • Salina Symphony, $6,000 for “The Harmony Games.” The Salina Symphony received support to present a family concert in January of 2024 featuring Music Director Yaniv Segal’s “The Harmony Games,” a work that introduces school-age children to the orchestra while connecting music and math. In addition to the January 28 Symphony Concert, the Symphony will perform “the Harmony Games” at a free education outreach concert for approximately 1,200 local/regional 4th grade students on January 26, 2024.
  • Theatre Salina, $6,000 for “AACTFest 2023.”
  • Theatre Salina received support to cover adjudication fees that are a contracted part of their hosting of the American Association of Community Theatre Region V Festival in April 2023. Theater Salina will acquire three theatre professionals to adjudicate the performances of competing for regional theatres and pay a stipend, housing, travel, and per diem for those three individuals.

 Enrichment Grants available for application – February 1 through November 15

The Salina Arts & Humanities Foundation approved $8,000 to fund Enrichment Grants for artists and organizations in Saline county in 2023. Salina Arts & Humanities reviews Enrichment Grant applications on a rolling basis from February 1 through November 15 each year. For 2023, applicants may apply for up to $1,000 to support the presentation of work, study, training, artistic promotion, purchase of equipment, or travel. Enrichment Grant guidelines and applications are available online, https://www.salinaarts.com/horizons-grants-program/.

The agency will again accept Organizational Project and Developing Artists Grant applications in November 2023. All grant guidelines and applications are available at salinaarts.org.

Horizons Grants are made possible by private contributions from more than 50 individuals, foundations, and businesses, in partnership with the Salina Arts & Humanities Foundation. The Foundation has provided more than one million dollars in support of more than 550 Horizons Grants since 1986. Salina Arts & Humanities staff provide grant oversight and administration for Saline County artists and organizations.