Holy Week is Like a Sore Thumb

Maybe it’s because we didn’t have much of a winter. Maybe it’s because Easter is so early this year. Maybe it’s because the tone and tenor of the Presidential race has shown Americans to be ugly, angry and dissatisfied. Maybe I’m just getting older.

I suppose it’s all of those things. But what really makes Holy Week stick out like a sore thumb this year is the lessons that were taught to me about his most important week are not a part of our discourse, and sadly, not real evident in our everyday lives.  To me, the essential message from Holy Week is one of humility, service and sacrifice. With the exception of a few religious leaders, I don’t hear much about it.

I guess it’s not a real popular message, but I believe it’s essential. It’s much easier to blame someone or something else, but self-examination is always toughest. We have met the enemy, and they are us. I pray that the sacrifice we honor this week will lead us to a better understanding of ourselves and a better way to treat each other.