Historic Homes Open For Holiday Tour

Some of Abilene’s historic homes are decorated for the holidays, and will be open for the public to tour.

The Heritage Homes Association of Abilene will host the 46th annual Homes for the Holidays Tour, scheduled for this Saturday, December 2, from 4-8 p.m. and Sunday, December 3, from 1-5 p.m.

Homes are a refuge, places of beauty, and always utilitarian. The rich assortment of homes on the 46th Homes for the Holidays tour range from quite small to positively generous, but all demonstrate why where we live matters.

According to the organization,  this cherished event which has become a tradition since its inception, offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the rich history and architectural diversity of Abilene’s homes, featuring five exceptional residences and the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Abilene, known for its warm hospitality and vibrant history, opens its doors to showcase a collection of homes that span different eras and styles. From the modest to the grand, each residence on the tour serves as a testament to the importance of preserving the unique stories embedded in our homes.

The Homes for the Holidays Tour is a labor of love for the Heritage Homes Association. The association’s mission is to preserve and celebrate the history of Abilene’s historic homes. One notable initiative is the bronze plaque program, where homes 50 years or older receive a plaque bearing the home’s date of construction, enriching the community’s understanding of its built environment.

The featured homes on this year’s tour include:


  1. 210 NW 10th Street – Tony and Sarah Geiger:

A Prairie-style home with a storied history dating back to 1876, featuring contributions from various generations that have called it home.


  1. 301 Hilltop Drive – Rebecca Perkins:

A 1960s ranch transformed by Rebecca Perkins, honoring the memory of her mother, Maxine Perkins, with a meticulous renovation that includes a gourmet kitchen and stunning exterior enhancements.


  1. 517 Tom Smith Circle – Greg and Ann Rose:

A home in the Tom Smith Circle, built in 1955 with distinctive Shakertown GLUMAC Units shakes, retaining its original charm and character.


  1. 904 N. Kuney Street – Lauren Baune and Sandra Bacon:

A beautifully preserved Craftsman-style house built in 1919 by Thomas Lester Welsh, now owned by Lauren Baune and Sandra Bacon, who have lovingly restored and maintained its unique features.


  1. 907 N. Buckeye Avenue – Scott and Lynette Hill:

A home with a history dating back to 1923, featuring multiple owners who have left their mark on Abilene, culminating in the current owners, Scott and Lynette Hill.


  1. In addition to the private residences, the tour includes the iconic St. John’s Episcopal Church at 507 N Buckeye Avenue, celebrating its 145th anniversary this year. The church, recognized for its Gothic Revival architecture, underwent a transformative remodeling in 1939, creating a refined and unique structure that earned national attention in “Ripley’s Believe it or Not,” naming it the “Church Inside a Church.”


Tickets for the tour are $10 and include a detailed map highlighting the tour locations. Tickets can be purchased in advance or during the tour at three convenient locations: West’s Plaza Country Mart, Abilene Downtown Antique Mall, and Mud Creek Antique Mall. Children are welcome, and babes in arms receive complimentary admission.

All proceeds from the Homes for the Holidays Tour contribute to the Heritage Homes Association’s bronze plaque program, preserving the history of Abilene’s historic homes.

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For more information, visit littletownofmansions.com.

Photo by Tessa Rampersad on Unsplash