Highest Water Release at Kanopolis Since 1995

As water levels at an area lake remain high the water release will be increased.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tells KSAL News tells KSAL News Kanopolis remains over 30 feet above multipurpose pool. They plan to increase the water release to 3,500 cubic feet per second on Monday. This will be the highest release since 1995.

Officials say they do not anticipate any downstream flooding or out of bank issues. They do encourage stakeholders to contact them with any concerns they may have. Safety remains their top priority.

Nearly all areas of Kanopolis remain closed. The only thing open is the Riverside area.

While the water is very high, it’s not the highest it has ever been. The highest the lake ever rose was in 1951, when it rose to 1,506.6 feet. The second highest lake level ever was in 1993, when it rose to 1,505.9 feet.  Officials expect the current level to reach a little over 1,496 feet, making it the third highest level ever at Kanopolis.