High Water at Kanopolis Still Rising

Those spending the weekend at Kanopolis Lake are urged to use caution around the water, which is above seasonal normal levels and still rising.

According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as of Friday the level was about 3 feet above normal level for this time of year.

The agency says the reservoir will continue to rise through the weekend as water from Wednesday’s heavy rain event continues to move downstream to the reservoir.

Some key items to know include:

  • OUTLET: Currently releasing 2,300 cubic foot per second. Please use caution around the outlet structure and swift river current.
  • VENANGO: A few low lying campsites are expected to be affected this weekend. Affected reservations have been notified. The phone number on the reservation will be the one used to contact, please ensure it’s up to date.
  • RIVERSIDE: No impacts to campground. Outlet River has increased flow, please use caution around the river.
  • VENANGO BEACH: Will have limited space this weekend. Staff will evaluate throughout the weekend for changes.
  • BOATING: Floating debris can be found throughout the reservoir. Please utilize extreme caution while operating and WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET. Venango Boat ramp remains functional and open.
  • WILDLIFE AREA ACCESSES: Muddy and some accesses have water over roadways. TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN.  Please do not drive vehicles in these areas until they dry out. Tearing up muddy roads and accesses only increases the cost to maintain and may make it more difficult for those that do access when it’s dry.

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