Helping the Homeless

With a mission to lend a hand to the homeless in Salina, Ashby House has been reaching out to families and individuals since 1992.

Dana Cox is the Director of Operations at Ashby House and tells KSAL News that the number of people who find themselves without a place to sleep at night may surprise some.

“On an average we see about 750 folks come through our shelter every year,” she said.

Cox says the homeless population is a mix of drifters and people who grew up in the area.

“Most of the folks we help are residents here in Salina.”

Cox also shares that a Life Skills Program is foundational to helping individuals get back on their feet.

“Monday through Friday, for one hour, we have a life skills class. It teaches how to balance your checkbook, basic nutrition, how to look for a job and how to build a resume.”

Another way Ashby House provides support is with a personal touch, “Everybody that comes into our shelter gets assinged a case manager,” Cox said.

“To help hooking them with other services and encouraging them to do better.”

Cox also told listeners on Thursday’s KSAL Morning News that the date for the Ashby House’s 3rd Annual Color Run Fundraiser will take place at the soccer complex in Salina on June 4th.

“Not only does it help us with the fundraising aspect, but it also educates the public about what we do at Ashby House,” she said.