Heart of America League Weekly Winter Recap

2023-2024 Heart of America Girls Basketball Standings

HOA                                      Overall

Team                     W           L                              W           L

Berean Acad.      0              0                              4              2

Ell-Saline              0              0                              4              2

Moundridge       0              0                              4              2

Remington          0              0                              4              2

Inman                  0              0                              3              3

Bennington        0              0                              2              3

H. Trinity              0              0                              1              4

Sedgwick             0              0                              1              4

Sterling                 0              0                              1              5

Marion                 0              0                              0              6

Monday, December 11

Canton-Galva 43, Marion 41

Tuesday, December 12

Bennington 58, Lakeside 25

Sacred Heart 45, Berean Academy 36

Ell-Saline 57, Ellinwood 36

Inman 64, Kingman 34

Halstead 42, Remington 37

Elyria Christian 28, Sedgwick 21

Hoisington 52, Sterling 37

Little River 66, Moundridge 48

Thursday, December 14

Cheney 44, Bennington 13

Berean Academy 50, Conway Springs 18

Ell-Saline 49, Belle Plaine 34

Kingman 51, Hutch Trinity 22

Inman 46, Wichita Trinity 45

Medicine Lodge 46, Marion 45

Wichita Independent 51, Remington 36

Moundridge 66, Garden Plain 34

Chaparral 49, Sedgwick 30

Sterling 41, Douglass 38

Tuesday, December 19

Wichita Classical at Berean Academy

2023-2024 Heart of America Boys Basketball Standings

HOA                                      Overall

Team                     W           L                              W           L

Moundridge       0              0                              5              0

Ell-Saline              0              0                              5              1

Sterling                 0              0                              5              1

Bennington        0              0                              4              2

Remington          0              0                              4              2

Marion                 0              0                              4              2

Inman                  0              0                              3              3

H. Trinity              0              0                              2              3

Berean Acad.      0              0                              2              3

Sedgwick             0              0                              1              5

Monday, December 11

Marion 63, Canton-Galva 53

Tuesday, December 12

Lakeside 78, Bennington 31

Sacred Heart 47, Berean Academy 37

Moundridge 67, Little River 17

Ell-Saline 55, Ellinwood 29

Inman 56, Kingman 48 (2 OT)

Remington 67, Halstead 65

Elyria Christian 46, Sedgwick 22

Sterling 61, Hoisington 33

Thursday, December 14

Marion 54, Douglass 22

Friday, December 15, 2023

Berean Academy 31, Chaparral 30

Ell-Saline 50, Garden Plain 43

Belle Plaine 63, Hutch Trinity 58 (OT)

Conway Springs 50, Inman 28

Wichita Independent 53, Bennington 51

Wichita Trinity 65, Remington 41

Kingman 46, Sedgwick 22

Sterling 63, Medicine Lodge 50


Kansas Preps Weekly

With just four more games, or two more nights of activities, before Christmas Break halts basketball play in the Heart of America Conference for the 2023-23 basketball season, things are jumbled atop both the HOA boys and girls leagues.

Tuesday night, Remington High School’s boys and girls basketball teams will play host to Chaparral while the same night Berean Academy will play host to Wichita Classical. The rest of the HOA teams are done for the 2023 year.

The Moundridge Wildcat boys basketball team sits atop of the HOA standings with a 5-0 overall record, there have been intra-conference games played on the boys’ side. Ell-Saline and Sterling, sit just a half-game behind the Wildcats as both are 5-1 on the season.

The HOA girls standings have four teams sitting atop of the standings all with 4-2 overall records with Berean Academy, Ell-Saline, Moundridge and Remington all sitting at 4-2 on the season. There have been no intra-conference games played yet, but the Bennington Lady Bulldogs did defeat Ell-Saline last week in a tournament game that does not count towards the league standings.

Here is a look at what each of the six NCAA schools’ respective teams did in the opening week of their respective seasons this past week :


The Lady Bulldog basketball team dropped to 2-3 overall on the season Tuesday night when they fell 58-25 against Lakeside. The Lady Bulldogs closed out 2023 Thursday night falling 44-13 against Cheney. … The Bulldog boys’ basketball team suffered its first loss of the season Tuesday night when it fell 78-31 against Lakeside. The Bulldogs lost 53-51 against Wichita Independent Friday night.


The Lady Warrior basketball team suffered its second straight loss Tuesday night when they fell 45-36 against Sacred Heart. The Lady Warriors earned their 4th win of the season Thursday night when they defeated Conway Springs 50-18. … The Warrior boys’ basketball team suffered its second straight loss Tuesday night when it fell 47-37 against Sacred Heart. The Warriors defeated Chaparral 31-30 Friday night.


The Lady Cardinal basketball team scored its third win of the season Tuesday night when it defeated Ellinwood 57-36. The Lady Cardinals scored their 2nd straight win Thursday night when they defeated Belle Plaine 49-34. … The Cardinal boys’ basketball team earned its 4th win of the season Tuesday night with a 55-29 victory against Ellinwood. The Cardinals defeated Garden Plain 50-43 Friday night. …


The Lady Celtics suffered their 4th loss of the season Thursday night when they fell 51-22 against Kingman Thursday night. … The Celtic boys’ basketball team lost 63-58 in overtime Friday night against Belle Plaine.


The Lady Teutons basketball team scored its second win of the season Tuesday night when they defeated Kingman 64-34. The Lady Teutons got their record back to .500 (3-3) Thursday night with a 46-45 victory against Wichita Trinity. … The Teuton boys’ basketball team needed two overtimes Tuesday night but emerged with a 56-48 victory against Kingman. The Teutons lost 50-28 against Conway Springs Friday night.


The Lady Warrior basketball team suffered its 5th straight loss to open the season Monday night when it fell 43-41 against Canton-Galva. The Lady Warriors closed out 2023 Thursday night falling 46-45 against Medicine Lodge. … The Warriors boys’ basketball team opened the week Monday with a 63-53 victory against Canton-Galva to improve to 3-2 on the season. The Warriors closed out the 2023 portion of the current season with a 54-22 victory against Douglass to go into the Christmas break with a 4-2 record. … The Warrior boys’ wrestling team went 0-4 Friday in its own dual tournament.


The Lady Wildcat basketball team suffered its 2nd loss of the season Tuesday night when they were defeated 69-48 by Little River. The Lady Wildcats defeated Garden Plain 66-45 Thur4sday night. … The Wildcat boys’ basketball team improved to 5-0 on the season Tuesday when it defeated Little River 67-17.


The Lady Bronco basketball team suffered its first loss of the season Tuesday night, falling 42-37 against Halstead. The Lady Broncos suffered a second straight loss Thursday night when they lost 51-36 against Wichita Independent. … The Bronco boys’ basketball team scored its fourth win of the season Tuesday night with a 67-65 victory against Halstead. The Broncos lost 65-41 against Wichita Trinity Friday night.


The Lady Cardinal basketball team suffered its 4th loss of the season Tuesday when it feel 28-21 against Elyria Christian. The Lady Cardinals suffered their fifth loss of the season Thursday night when they lost 49-30 against Chaparral. … The Cardinal boys’ basketball team dropped its 4th contest of the season Tuesday night when it was defeated 46-22 at Elyria Christian. The Cardinals lost 46-22 against Kingman Friday night.


The Lady Black Bear basketball team suffered its fourth loss of the season Tuesday night, falling 52-37 against Hoisington. The Lady Black Bears earned their 2nd win of the season Thursday night when they defeated Douglass 41-38. … The Black Bear boys’ basketball team earned its 4th win of the season Tuesday night with a  41-33 victory against Hoisington. The Black Bears defeated Medicine Lodge 63-50 Friday night.