Hearing for Proposed Seed Law Regulations

The public will have the ability to offer input on proposed seed law regulations.

According to the Kansas Department of Agriculture, a public hearing will be conducted at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 19, 2023, to consider the adoption of proposed regulations that govern the administration of the Kansas Seed Law. The hearing will be held in person at the Kansas Department of Agriculture at 1320 Research Park Dr. in Manhattan, as well as via video conferencing system.

KDA is proposing four new regulations along with amendments to two existing regulations, all of which implement revisions and offer clarification to the Kansas Seed Law. The new regulations define terms, set guidelines about analysis to determine violations, establish a list of restricted weed seeds, establish a list of prohibited weed seeds, and clarify rules for seed labels.

For the most part, these changes implement revisions that were made to the Kansas Seed Law during the 2022 legislative session and also make minor clarifications. The only change imposed by these regulations that has the potential to have a practical effect on the agricultural seed industry is the addition of Caucasian bluestem and yellow bluestem seeds to the list of restricted weed seeds. This addition is proposed to help safeguard the agricultural industry from the threat of invasive weeds which is part of the agency’s mission to protect plant health.

KDA welcomes public input on any portion of the proposed regulations — especially the addition of the new species, including those species of Old World Bluestem — to the list of restricted weed seeds. Input can be shared on the public comment portion of the KDA website at agriculture.ks.gov/PublicComment prior to the hearing or sent to the Kansas Department of Agriculture, 1320 Research Park Dr., Manhattan, KS 66502. A copy of the proposed regulations, as well as an expanded notice of public hearing, may be accessed on that webpage as well.

Public comment will also be possible at the public hearing both for in-person and online participants. Anyone desiring to participate via video conference must pre-register at the Public Comment webpage to be provided with a video link.

Any individual with a disability may request accommodation to participate in the public hearing and may request a copy of the regulations in an accessible format. Persons who require special accommodations must make their needs known at least five working days prior to the hearing. For more information, including special accommodations or a copy of the regulations, please contact Ronda Hutton at 785-564-6715 or [email protected].