Healthy Workplace Roundtable Planned

The Saline County Health Department is planning to host a Healthy Workplace Roundtable designed for HR representatives and executives. It will beĀ an open forum discussion designed to share best practices, policies, ideas, and information surrounding keeping a workplace healthy.

According to the agency, the topic of the August 25 Roundtable is “Do your policies and company culture match?”

They will discuss how company culture often plays a stronger role in keeping a healthy working environment than official written policies and share what works, what doesn’t, what challenges have been overcome, and what is left to conquer.

Doors with lunch available at 11:30 a.m. at the Saline County Health Department facility at 125 W. Elm St. Discussion will start no later than noon.

There is no cost to attend and lunch by Hickory Hut is provided by the health department.