Healthcare Clinic to Fill Void

Plans are progressing for a healthcare clinic in a small community on the Dickinson / Morris County line that recently lost its hospital.

Back in October Herington Municipal Hospital closed. Now, Heartland Health Care Clinic plans to have a second location operating with a three-person staff.

According to Abilene-based Memorial Health System (MHS), after the abrupt closing of the hospital left the Herington community without healthcare near home, MHS immediately sprang into action making sure that staff and patients knew there were job openings available in Abilene, and plenty of room to take new patients among the providers.

“Dickinson County is our home too, and our number one concern after the news of the hospital closing was to make sure that the Herington community knew we were there for them,” said Harold Courtois, Memorial Health System CEO. “Abilene, or any other city surrounding Herington for that matter, may still be a little too far for some of the Herington residents to travel for healthcare. MHS already has a Home Health and Hospice location in Herington, so it makes sense that we would find a way to help with other healthcare needs. It is our hope to bring some relief to the current situation the community has been left in.”

Opening a business requires money and several administrative tasks to complete before welcoming customers. For businesses that provide healthcare, there is even more work beyond what the local city government requires. Past that, there are state and federal guidelines and regulations that must be in place and unfortunately, these things take time.

“We wish it was as easy as finding a space, putting a provider there, and opening the doors to start seeing patients,” explained Courtois. “We were very fortunate to find a space located at 18 N Broadway, conveniently located across the street from our Home Health and Hospice location, and within walking distance to Kay’s Pharmacy. The building needs a little work before we can be in operation.”

Previously the property provided eye care services, so it was a good layout for what MHS would need in order to see patients. The Maintenance Department at MHS has been working non-stop to get this office space prepared to include the building of two more exam rooms; giving the clinic a total of four exam rooms when it is complete.

There is a great space that is being converted into a small lab area and another area for a nurse station. There is an office for the provider, and the building already comes with a beautiful registration desk.

MHS was able to start seeing this project move forward in Herington with the help of some very important investors who are dedicated to seeing the success of the project.

On January 2, Thatcher Moddie, Herington City Manager, presented a check to Courtois for $5,000.00 from the City of Herington.

Courtois is cautious to give an exact date that the clinic will be open to see patients, but he said, “We are shooting for some time in March, if everything goes as planned.”

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Photo of check presentation via Memorial Health System