Health Care Agency Recognized

Home Health and Hospice of Dickinson County, with offices in Abilene and Herington, has been recognized by Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP) as a “Superior Performer” for achieving an overall caregiver and family satisfaction score that ranked in the top 20% of all eligible SHP clients for the 2022 calendar year.

The annual SHPBest™ award program was created to acknowledge hospice providers who consistently provide high-quality service to families and caregivers of patients receiving hospice care. The 2022 award recipients were determined by reviewing and ranking the overall CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) Hospice survey satisfaction score for more than 1,750 hospice providers. With one of the largest CAHPS Hospice benchmarks in the nation, SHP is in a unique position to identify and recognize organizations that have made family and caregiver satisfaction a priority and have been rewarded for their efforts with high marks on the CAHPS Hospice survey.

“SHP is very excited to have the opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of our top-performing customers with the annual SHPBest awards. We commend these organizations for their determination to provide top-notch care to the patients and caregivers that they serve”, said Kevin Vogel, President of SHP.

“Our hospice staff and volunteers offer specialized knowledge of medical care, pain management, and emotional support. The goal is to improve the quality of our patient’s last days by offering comfort and dignity,” said Danielle Gantner, Director of Home Health and Hospice of Dickinson County.

“One thing I have always prided our hospice in, is the fact that we always put our patients and their loved ones first. This award validates that the caregivers feel that care we provide not only to the patient on hospice but also through the services that are extended, even after the patient passes, to the caregivers. Hospice isn’t just about the final moments of someone’s life, it is about guiding that patient’s entire family unit through their journey. It is an honor to be in the top 20 percent in the nation, but an even greater honor to be a part of that journey with our patients and their families,” Gantner continued.