Harvest Showing Mixed Returns

Rain has stalled what has been a mixed wheat harvest around Central Kansas.

With wheat ripening late last week, by the weekend crews were already out in some fields cutting. Rain late Saturday into Sunday, and then again Tuesday night, has slowed things down.

Initial signs leading up to harvest were ominous. Dry conditions in many areas prompted concerns. So far results have been mixed. To the west of Salina, the yield and quality has been sub par. But to the east, things haven’t been so bad. As a matter of fact, some producers are reporting good returns.

Dennis Friedli is the manager of the Agri Trails Coop in Dillon. He tells KSAL News winter snow, combined with timely rain this spring, has turned what could have been a poor wheat crop into what’s a pretty good crop around his area.


The facility in Dillon collected 50,000 bushels on Friday, then after pausing due to weekend rain, collected 94,700 bushels Monday and 83,800 bushels Tuesday.

After a very slow Wednesday, Friedli anticipates by late Thursday and into Friday things will be dry enough get back out into the fields.

The KSAL Harvest Fest event was in Navarre and Dillon on Wednesday, tracking how harvest is going and handing out pizza and cold drinks to harvest crews.

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Here is the Harvest Fest schedule for the rest of the week:

  • 6/20 11-1 Lindsborg
  • 6/20 4-6 Delphos
  • 6/21 11-1 Marquette