Happy Birthday George?!

Monday, February 15th is officially George Washington’s birthday, well, not really. His birthday was February 22nd, but the Monday Holiday act of 1971 assured that we would never celebrate on the actual day. But isn’t the holiday really a combination of Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays? Presidents Day, or President’s Day or is it Presidents’ Day?
Depending where you are and your general impression of the succession of men who have been our chief executive, you are able to celebrate any, all or none of them except the “Father of our Country.” Federally speaking, the day is set aside as Washington’s Birthday, the states have varying opinions on how many presidents and whether they are individually or collectively possessive.
Most celebrations for this holiday seem to occur in the discount aisles and racks of your local and on-line retailers. What better way to celebrate those who have led our country than by saving money on sheets, clothes and furniture. Looking over the crop of current presidential hopefuls, it does have the feeling that we are digging around the discount bin looking for something that isn’t embarrassing. I guess we’ll just keep digging.