Gun Drawn Over Freedom of Speech Rights

Saline County Sheriff Glen Kochanowski says charges are possible following a skirmish that happened during a freedom rally and an argument over the display of the American flag.

Deputies were called to the bridge where North Niles Road crosses I-70 on Sunday afternoon after an argument turned dangerous with a handgun drawn.

Sheriff Kochanowski tells KSAL News that a group of American Legion Freedom Riders had gathered on the bridge to fly the flag in support of motorcyclist riding past in the annual “Run For The Wall” ride to Washington D.C.

Deputies say an argument began between the group and 68-year-old John Jednoralski of Salina, who was displaying his flag upside down.

A flag flown upside down is considered a sign of distress or as a protest.

Jednoralski told deputies he felt threatened by the group and pulled out a Ruger 9mm handgun to protect himself.

Moments later several men in the group wrestled the gun away leaving a cut on Jednoralski’s finger.

There were no other injuries reported and the case remains under investigation.