Greater Salina Community Foundation Rebrands

The Greater Salina Community Foundation has completed a major rebranding. It has a new logo, but the same mission.

The Community Foundation has served the Salina community and north central Kansas for almost 25 years through its mission of helping people invest in a meaningful way to make a difference in the community by building permanent endowment funds and meeting charitable needs.

According to the organization, the Greater Salina Community Foundation was originally started by Pete Peterson and a group of 10 board members in May of 1999 to serve as a catalyst for contributions for the long-term benefit of the
community. Since then, it has grown to become the largest community foundation in Kansas with over $240 million in assets and has awarded over $200 million grants and scholarships on behalf of its donors
and 12 regional affiliates.

To continue this positive momentum, the Community Foundation wanted a logo that represents its commitment to its donors and community. Like the infinity sign that the new logo was derived from, the Greater Salina Community Foundation is here forever to help you impact today and transform tomorrow.

“We want people to know that the funds they invest with the Community Foundation will be here forever to support their passions and benefit future generations,” said Jessica Martin, President &
Executive Director. “Not only will the funds be here forever, but through prudent investing and management, the funds will grow exponentially over time making an even bigger impact in the future. That is the power of endowment.”

Although the Community Foundation has a new look, its mission and services remain the same—to help people make a difference by connecting donors and nonprofits, providing personalized services and philanthropic expertise, serving as a charitable savings account, and establishing permanent endowed funds to create a lasting legacy.