Governor Vetoes “Flat Tax” Legislation

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly Friday afternoon vetoed legislation which would have created a 5.25% state income tax in Kansas. The Governor vetoed a similar flat tax plan in 2023  which would have created a 5.15% flat tax.

In issuing the veto, the Governor said she does support tax cuts, but not this particular proposal. In part, she said ““I support responsible tax cuts, but I refuse to sign into law a reckless flat tax.”  

According to the Kansas Reflector, a study of the proposal conducted by nonpartisan research organization ITEP estimated that 44.5% of the income tax savings would go to the top 5% of wage earners. The top 20% would have gotten an average tax break of $828, while the bottom 80% of wage earners would get an average annual tax break of $89 under the flat tax.

The legislation passed the Kansas House 81-37 and the Senate 25-11 before being sent to the Governor earlier in January. To override the veto, 84 votes are needed in the House and 27 in the Senate.