Governor Releases Medicaid Expansion Bill

Governor Laura Kelly Tuesday released a Medicaid expansion bill.

According to Kelly’s office, the bill will expand affordable healthcare to 150,000 more Kansans, protect and strengthen rural hospitals, and bring Kansas federal tax dollars back to the state.

“It’s long past time to expand Medicaid so that more Kansans have access to affordable healthcare, our rural hospitals can stay open, and the tax dollars we send to Washington can come back home to Kansas to help our families,” said Kelly. “This bill meets the unique needs of Kansas patients, hospitals, providers, and diverse communities while remaining financially sustainable.”

The Governor’s Medicaid expansion bill is based on the version of the 2017 Bridge to a Healthy Kansas bill that passed the House and the Senate and was later vetoed by Governor Sam Brownback.

Kansas is one of just 14 states left that has not yet expanded healthcare.

To view the governor’s Medicaid expansion bill, click here.