Governor Calls on Legislature to End School Finance Litigation

On a day when the Kansas Senate is debating a tax cut bill reminiscent of the Brownback tax experiment, Governor Laura Kelly encouraged the legislature to remember the priorities of working families and focus on funding education and ending the school finance litigation once and for all.

“I was elected to rebuild this state, and I take that responsibility very seriously,” said Kelly. “It is time to put the priorities of Kansas families first and fund our schools. With a Supreme Court deadline fast approaching, the legislature should be focusing on education, not another irresponsible tax plan.”

Since the session began, the governor has introduced a bill to address the Kansas Supreme Court ruling and fix inflation in the school funding formula. Kelly also proposed a structurally balanced budget that begins to repair the mismanagement of state agencies and the severe damage done to the state’s finances by the failed tax experiment.

“In the last month, my administration has offered clear direction and priorities for the future of Kansas,” said Kelly. “We are listening to the people of Kansas and focusing on the priorities critical to improving the lives of Kansas families and children. I encourage the legislature to do the same.”