Governor Brownback Visits Salina

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback was in Salina Wednesday, speaking at a noon luncheon event, and visiting the Kansas Highway Patrol training center. In between, the Governor stopped at the KSAL radio studios for a chat.

Brownback told KSAL News that the main purpose for the Salina stop was to speak at a Jobs For America’s Graduates, or JAG event. He said that the JAG program helps students who might not otherwise graduate from high school. They learn useful skills that helps them obtain employment after graduation, and hopefully are then prepared to be successful in life. The JAG program in Kansas has an 80 percent success rate with those students who participate.

After the JAG event, the Governor stopped by the KSAL Studios. During an interview with News Director Todd Pittenger, he touched on multiple topics including the JAG program, school funding, budget shortfalls and the tax plan, the Kansas State Fair, and the Kansas Book Festival.

One of the biggest challenges that the legislature will face when it reconvenes in January will be the school funding issue. Brownback said that the struggle will be not only deciding how much money goes to education, but also ensuring that those dollars make it to the classroom, where they are needed the most.

The Governor is urging the public to offer input on school funding. Anyone with an idea or suggestion is urged to contact their local legislator, or to show up and speak at public candidate forum events that are scheduled around Kansas leading up to the November election.  Input can also be sent via e-mail to [email protected].

Following the stop at KSAL the Governor was headed to the Kansas Highway Patrol Training Center. He planned to visit the training academy at the facility, where the largest ever class of  trooper recruits is currently in session.