Gov.’s Council on Tax Reform Releases Second Interim Report

A second interim report by the Governor’s Council on Tax Reform is issued in the wake of the last legislative session being cut short by the COVID-19 global pandemic. The report for consideration by the Kansas Legislature includes additional research of possible economic implications to the state caused by the pandemic.

Gov. Laura Kelly established the bipartisan Governor’s Council on Tax Reform through Executive Order No. 19-11, which has since extended its formation.

The Council was tasked with conducting an in-depth assessment of the state’s tax structure, to explore strategies that increase both effectiveness and fairness, and receive input from stakeholders across the state.

The governor continues to recommend returning to the “three-legged stool” approach that relies on a sensible balance of income, sales, and property tax revenue.

The Council will continue to review aspects of state and local finances and how best to respond to federal tax law changes, the taxation of groceries as part of sales tax revenue, and how to best provide targeted property tax relief. The Council also is charged with determining how much room will be available in future budget projections for tax relief.

“I am pleased with the extensive work the Council has performed for the sound recommendations that will return the state to a balanced approach of sales, income and property taxes,” Governor Laura Kelly said.

View the Council’s report here.