GOP Maintains Kansas Voter-Registration Advantage

New figures from the Kansas secretary of state’s office show that Republicans have maintained their significant voter-registration advantage since March.

But the preliminary numbers released Wednesday also show a small increase in the number of unaffiliated voters since March 1. The registration deadline was Tuesday for the Aug. 5 primary.

The number of registered voters grew by about 6,600 since March 1, to more than 1.73 million.

The number of registered Republicans grew slightly, to nearly 765,000. They represent 44.1 percent of registered voters.

There are about 422,000 Democrats, slightly less than on March 1 and about 24.3 percent of the total.

The number of unaffiliated voters grew by nearly 7,200, to about 535,000, up 1.4 percent. They’re now nearly 31 percent of registered voters.