Gift Card Return Program Launches in Kansas

Kansas has been selected as a test location in a national company’s new initiative to let consumers cash in unwanted gift cards which have not been used.

GameStop tells KSAL News they are  offering consumers relief for unwanted gift cards from other retailers by exchanging them for cash, their favorite video game or toy collectibles. There is a standard 20% cash reduction from the credit value.

The company says an estimated $8-$10 billion dollars go unspent every year in gift cards. Maybe she’s not a coffee drinker or he doesn’t like going to eat fast food, but no matter the reason the unwanted card can now be used.

According to GameStop this is different from other retailers because they will be accepting 600 brands, the most by any brick and mortar retailer starting with a minimum $5 card value – maxing at $1,000.

Kansas has been selected as a test location area with plans to go nationwide later this year.

GameStop has a location in Salina, inside the Central Mall.