Getting Ready to “Move That House”

A Salina organization is getting ready for a major move. Next week Ashby house will begin to expand, by literally moving a house located behind Taco John’s at 300 S. 5th and relocating it to the corner of 8th and Walnut, next to the original shelter.

It’s part of the “Move that House” project.The new shelter will double their current capacity and be much more efficient to run being next to their original shelter.

According to the organization, the “Move that House” project is designed to address the rising population seeking homeless shelter services within Salina. Currently, a single two-story house consisting of four bedrooms caters to the needs of Salina’s homeless families and individual women. Not surprisingly, the shelter boasts full-capacity on an almost nightly basis-leaving many of its residents to create temporary bedrooms within the shelter’s communal living room, dining room, kitchen and child care room when necessary.  The new shelter will be equipped to house seven additional bedrooms and four additional bathrooms.

Ashby House’s homeless shelter will double in capacity with the addition of the second neighboring shelter equipped with 7 additional bedrooms and 4 additional bathrooms.

Construction of the basement which the home will sit on is already underway. Officials hope that construction of the “Move that House” project is complete by the beginning of 2020.

A grant from the Sunderland Foundation is key to the project, while Blue Beacon is picking up the bill for the move of the home.

The Ashby House is still in need of donations for the project, which can be made at