Getting Ready For A Ribbon

Dozens of 4-H members are putting the final touches on their projects or scrubbing up livestock ahead of judging at the 2023 Tri-Rivers Fair in Salina.

A purple ribbon is awarded to those entries that have met and far exceed the average standards established for that particular class. A blue ribbon is awarded to those entries that exceed the average standard. Red is awarded to those entries that meet or are slightly below the average standard established for that class.

Open Class Home Economics check-in begins Wednesday morning at 7am in Kenwood Hall. The 4-H Building and barns will be a hub of activity throughout the day with student-led projects ranging from: STEM Exhibits, to Poultry, to CO2 Cars to Dairy Cattle and Goats.

The Tri-Rivers Parade will roll down Santa Fe Tuesday night to open the Fair, and close out Saturday night with the Demo Derby at Salina Speedway, Draft Horse Pull inside Ag Hall and Carnival from 6pm to 10pm.

KSAL File Photo