Fund Established For Crash Victims

An account has been established to help a mother and her daughter who were injured when their pickup was hit head-on in a crash in which two teens were killed.

Back on March 15th, 42-year-old Rosa Vasquez  of Lorraine, Kansas and her 12-year-old daughter Judy were both injured in a crash in the 2800 block of West Crawford when a speeding Camaro crashed into their Silverado pickup. Two teens in the car were killed, and the mother and daughters sustained serious injuries.

A fund now has been established to help the Vasquez family.

According to information provided by Alyssa Vasquez, who established the fund, Rosa was most injured by the impact.  She suffered a left fractured ankle, and her right was broken in three places, requiring surgery.  She has significant hematomas.  She is now recovering, but has a long road ahead of her which includes multiple appointments in Wichita, which is two hours away from where she lives. She is out of work for an extended period of time. She was a waitress at Ele’s Corner in Ellsworth, raising three children.

Judy is bruised up and on crutches, and having nightmares.

Donations will go to help fund the trips back and forth to Wichita, and to pay medical bills.

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