“Freedom Convoy” to Stop in Salina

The “Freedom Convoy” that roared across Canada will soon be roaring across the United States. A route through the Midwest and Kansas includes an overnight stop in Salina.

According to the Facebook group Kansas Truckers for Freedom Convoy, after leaving Colorado the convoy will make stops in Salina, Junction City, Topeka, and the Kansas City area.  The Salina stop is an overnight stop.

The convoy is scheduled to leave a truck stop in Aurora, Colorado, on March 3rd.  It will head east on Interstate 70 across Colorado and Kansas, stopping for the night in Salina at the Pilot, Petro, and 24/7 Travel stores at around 8:30 p.m.

The next morning, March 4th, the convoy will leave Salina at around 9 a.m., continuing its trek east on I-70.  It is scheduled to “slow roll” through Junction City and Topeka, for trucks to stop and collect donations, before then heading to Oak Grove, Missouri, to spend the night.

The final destination of the convoy is Washington D.C. , where trucks from several routes will meet up.

The “Freedom Convoy” effort began in Canada with truckers protesting vaccine mandates.

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Photo by Naomi McKinney via unsplash